JLM ( / Harrisburg, Pa.)

Logan And The Duck

A handsome little boy was walking down the street
singing a song and looking so sweet..
Love in his heart, and family on his mind
his name is Logan just one of a kind..
As he cut through the park, it was just his luck
to find a cute, but sad little Duck..
He stopped his song and said whats wrong,
you look like your down on your luck..
I need your help finding my quack, I had it this
morning, then I fell on my back, that's when
I knew I had lost my quack..
Here's your quack, it's on top of your head,
just swallow your quack, and go back to bed..
Thank you so much for finding my quack, but I
gotta find my Mommy, and I won't be back..
So for all that you have done, I thank you
with a QUACK

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Peg Ann and The Duck is such a cute Poem.