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(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Not too many who are blessed,
To have their logic tested...
Will remain being harrassed,
And contested...
By anyone opposing,
Any attempt to present common sense.
There are some,
Who have not yet been convinced...
Confusion and conflicts,
For them represent...
A purpose and reason to claim,
They have a right to maintain...
Expressing to show an involvement,
In their lives no one from them will take away.

'If this path of logic is followed,
All your problems now had will pass.'

And suppose that suggestion,
You recommend to us...
Does not put an end to our troubles? ~

'Then the same arguments,
You have amongst yourselves...
Will never come to an end.
They will just keep recycling.
From generation to generation.'

~Oh. You're one of 'those'.
With mouth to open mot to know,
When it should be kept closed.
Well, let me just say this...
What we do and how it's done,
Will be up to us...
To judge and identify our own progress.
And no one has to tell us,
How this could be better achieved.~

Maybe I should just leave? '

~Permission granted.~

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