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Logical Dot
JSD Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

Logical Dot

One mind dominate the relation of the word to
Relate to one special individual.
The arrangement of rules deals with the
Test through trials. A long period of time
Loads in the way side extending to the
Relation of the element.

The distance mark by skillful event
To view the ability in time, particles sound mind.
The command created by God to the one individual
Meeting in time distance.

Speck, a very tiny bit of matter to connect
Some way that causes a lot of things
Existing in the knowledge of Creator.
All of everything start for nothing but
Because of his grace we become something
Valuable human being transformed in his
Intelligent idea to form in the beauty of the world.

A dot, a given privilege to be logical to create
And be used to be useful.

© Jocelyn Sumido-Dunbar
7 May 2002

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