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Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

When I laugh out loud...
You can't hear me roar!
I think your actions are quite funny.
Even if I wanted...
I could NOT ignore!
The things you do and say,
Are unique in their own way!
But it's amusing to me,
That you can't see
My thoughts of yours that stay!

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I took the liberty to thank Ms Tai Chi Italy (an alias among others she uses) , about bringing to my attention of an error I made in this poem! Not only did she NOT think it was a compliment thanking her...she sent me a very nasty cursing private message! I did not appreciate it and told her so! WHOEVER this 'person' is who feels she has to hide behind an alias to offend people on this site, needs to find another method to vent her insecurities!
That's ok Lawrence, you rude old man. Tai!
Thanks, Tai for catching my error...(at) now (out) ...thanks! L
Nice poem man, paints a very clear picture, keep this up 10 for tiyler