Lolonyo (A Compilation Of Love Poems By Poet Dela)

1 Woé zɔ (Poet Dela)
The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step indeed
I welcome you to a world of deceit, drama and pleasure
Betrayal and pain will be rampant, but bare in mind
Happiness is the main goal here.

The journey through this world will be difficult
As the road gets muddy and rough
The struggle for the ultimate goal becomes tough

Oh! Mia Woé zɔ
To a world full of feelings
A place where love is traded for luxury
But do not panic brethren
Because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Mia Woé zɔ kataaa! ! !

2. She is my type (Poet Dela X Ruben Sackey)

She is my type
Not because of her looks, shape or character
She has a genotype of someone I think I know within
Her traits remind me of a picture I have always had in my head.

Satisfying my craving for her would complete the uncompleted picture in my mind's eye.
Even though I'm new to this world
It feels like home already
My new found Ahoufe's phenotype is very close to that of the picture in my mind's eye.

Like a flower,
On the branch of a tree
She always attracts people closer to her with her sweet fragrance
So I place her in my flower vase where she belongs
with water keeping her fresh
As days, weeks, and months went by,
I watched her develop into a beautiful flower with a sweeter and stronger fragrance
This made me like her more.

Happiness would become my companion
The day she tells me
I'm also her type too
That feeling will make me feel closer to her than the twin towers
Because Yes indeed we are compatible

3. Bitter truth (Poet Dela X Maame Agyeiwaa)

The walls of a great nation have been built
Within the walls are beautiful trees
With colorful butterflies, and bright flowers flying around it

Within those walls
Lie a piece of land
That looks promising
A land that wishes to be greener as the days go by
But eventually, the land remains bare.

My preferences and tastes all go sour
My dreams become nightmares
And my ultimate goal unrealistic
Being part of this world made me experience
This great feeling of love
Love is good
Indeed love is good, but very complicated
and that's the bitter truth.

4. Lolonyo (Poet Dela X Maame Agyeiwaa)

The stupendous nature of Love is indeed marvelous
Lolonyo, love is indeed sweet
Oh yes!
Love is sweet
It's a marvelous feeling

Love can make the rich become the needy, and the needy become rich with bitterness
The desire for this feeling
Slowly breaks you down
Until you feel like giving up
Then suddenly a tremendous feeling sets in
After all, the safest place for a tiger's cub is a tiger's den

So I guess I dragged myself into a den called love
Just because I'm in love.

5. Gankui (Poet Dela)

My sight knows beauty no more
My eyes, the architect of my misfortunes
My shades become part of my fortunes
I'm blinded by the rays of love

For a second
I thought I was lost
In a new world full of new laws
A world infested with lots of beauty
I always gaze and zoom at their booty

Wait a minute...
I got betrayed by my extravagant glasses
Now all I view and see are lies
One of my senses gets tainted

Maybe I chose an oversized eyewear
A habitat belonging to germs
Now writings about love become distorted.
And love at first sight becomes a mirage.

6. Belike Now Here Cool (Poet Dela X Ruben Sackey X Maame Agyeiwaa)

When the tides of life stormed against me
And the waves of life hit me hard
So hard that I couldn't survive
So hard that I couldn't taste and enjoy the sweetness of this sweet world
And so hard that my mind makes me think
I'm destined to this fate

I never knew I could make it out of that dangerous den
Even though I have got bruises all over
Love found me
And the idea of reciprocity was given birth to
Although I was told it was an atrocity
Those were the words said by those mislead in this strange world

My effort to prove them wrong proved futile
Just because that's the philosophy they live by
Even though it's winter
Sweat still runs down my face
Just because of that feeling boiling in me
Making me sweat very much

But at the end of the day
I found love
Now Here Cool
Indeed, Belike now Here Cool.


by Kpatakpa Alphonse Delali

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