London Bombed

London been bombed!
The death toll is rising has I write in a state of shock,
Fearing for people I know.
My mobile rings; releasing my fears,
Everyone I know is save.
In that brief second relief filled me,
Only then the horrors really hit home.
People have died today,
There is people at home now sick with grief,
Waiting to wake from this nightmare.
Left sitting by the phone,
Like me; hoping that daddy comes home tonight.
When the dust has settled,
A two-minute silence will be called.
We will stand for two minutes,
Whispers in the background,
Terror now fills our lives.
Blair is defiant we will go forth,
We live in terror,
Terrorism got a stranglehold on our lives.
Armed police can be seen wherever we turn,
Go forth; we’re on high alert.
Spare a thought for the dead.
Hear that ticking Mr Blair,
It’s only a matter of time.

by Joseph Tanner

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wicked poem, this is exactly how i felt on that day.