London Bride Is Falling Down Like Me

I am falling down like london bridge.
My life I can not rebuild.
My life was claimed by forces from a far.
By the forces from beyond.

Here I am falling like london bride.
Depession has taken me.
Soon suicide shall be mine.
Im falling falling into death.

London bridege can rebuild.
Me I continue to fall.
I can not be rebuilt.
I am falling down like london bridge.
But I can not get up again

by Amy Louise Kerswell

Comments (2)

Marvin has put a very positive comment onto your poem, Amy. And he's right. We can all be rebuilt, with a little (or maybe a lot) of help from others. You need to believe in yourself (as Marvin said) and that would be going halfway...... keep posting your poetry as it does help. And I am here if you need me, as you know. Fran xxx
Any bridge can be rebuild even better, any wrecked dignity can be risen even stronger! Just believe in your self and allow someone help you start anew. You can do it just like anybody else.High marks.