London Days

Principles for the development of a Complete Mind: (1) Study the science of art. (2) . Study the art of science. (3) . Develop your senses - especially learn how to see. (4) . Realise that everything connects to everything else.

-Leornado Da Vinci
Frequent the speedy cafe
Writing an arm and a leg
in their chairs and tables
The theaters keep the city
Vibrant, inspired, colourful
Puts London back on the map
The gallery reminds me
Of all that has beauty
and strength, tourists are we.

Their postures theatrical
The ingenuity of Da Vinci's
towering canvas

Maths, art, history
Informs his pieces
Whole in their conception
I love to write the poetry
in their paintings set

Maybe they remind me
Of a history not only of
My own and the ego's
Conquest and I am
Just a piece with pen
sword and horse!

by Zubyre Parvez

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