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Lone Eagle Meets Silver Eagle
DSB ( / Elkins, WV, USA)

Lone Eagle Meets Silver Eagle

Poem By Darlene Shreve Bennett

My keen sight caught the stare
of a silver eagle soaring through the air
Quiet, yet strong at the pulling
of my heart. Why do I feel this force
pulling closer? For I am a loner.
I cannot stay. Silver eagle fly, fly.
Please! go away or this lone eagle and
I've soared to heights unknown by mortal man.
for my teacher is of a higher power, whom
teaches me to find good in all mankind,
yet to watch with the keenest of eyes,
and to know and understand
that there is also evil in the hearts of man.
and as the lone eagle, I am fearless in
life and flight and no one has
ever tamed this wild, imaginated heart.
For loner is all it's ever known and
it is always reaching for higher things.
So the cliffs and rocks that hide this heart
are of the strongest this life has ever known.
But you, Silver Eagle keep pushing through
with your silver wings that cover me with
warm and tender webs of love.
Souring through torn and broken pieces of
a heart, not knowing human love.
I must fly away for fear will not let me
stay. But if you love me enough to conquer
my fear, then fly to me again someday
and I will forever with you stay.

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