Loneleist Planet

What is this place that so many now call a home
A vortex of gravity utilised by a light and a tome
Of the green, the white, the blue and the scarred
Sometimes so much love spilled and so charred
In the burn of passions flame we always do forget
The feelings of another in a decision so to inflect

This place of so many and somehow so very few
We ravage ourselves in the event if only we knew
There is something within us that should ring true
Open the heart and embrace the sky so very blue
In open conversation we say not what we mean
And too often it’s too late for the heart to intervene

When a past event spears the agony of injured souls
How much does it take one to seek that which involves?
The healing or the acceptance of pastures in a kiss
When the acceptance of love is lost in a false bliss
That we all assume we are so in control of our heart
And forgetting that the slightest move can tear us apart

Do we spin as the world in this formation of a galaxy?
Of storm and retribution when all are blind to reality
That we can all love if we ever be given the chance
But chance to be in love comes from our own stance
So fast we live our lives not realising we can compromise
Just a second, just a moment, just a lifetime for a surprise

That such understanding can come from the one of angels
Who’ll never hurt you, betray you or cheat on you in denials
Is the one who would carry your heart and soul through fire
And be there at the end to encourage that sense of such desire
If only we ever gave love the chance when all is ever culled
When we are all too sacred to ourselves and our hearts annulled

Is it little wonder that we only coexist on the loneliest planet?

by Vision Ghost

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