Do You Really Know Christmas?

Many people say Merry Christmas, but, do they know who Christ is?
And that the babe of Bethlehem, now reigns above as Savior of men.
They sing the weary world rejoices, but, does this include all voices?
For the joy that this speaks of, is in regards to God’s Amazing Love.

Do all men really know The King, in the songs that they love to sing?
And if they never receive the Gift, in sinful darkness continue to drift.
Men sing of His birth in a stall, but do they know Christ came for all?
For The King over all of Eternity, was born as baby, for you and me.

Why are all at Christmas rushed, as our Savior’s Name is so hushed?
Going for gifts, from store to store, while The Lord we silently ignore.
While they trim the Christmas tree, do they think at all about Calvary?
For Christ didn’t come to live, but, He came with His very life to give.

Men sing of peace upon the earth, but, is it a peace of lasting worth?
God’s Peace, many don’t receive, for in His Son they do not believe.
And if Christmas Cheer fills the air, why do so many hearts despair?
For this Holiday time, you will find, stresses many, a heart and mind.

If Christmas is all about The Lord, why does Jesus go quite ignored?
Many dismiss God’s Holy Day, while in sin and error, they pine away.
Could it be that this Holy Season, for many has no rhyme or reason?
While in their heart and their life, they truly do not know Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©12/2007)

by Bob Gotti

Comments (4)

Beautifullly written
all the movement of the natural hours turns into melody. beautiful line
A great poem and memory of love and it is beautiful also.
superb. deserves a higher rating