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Poem By Derrick Andrews

This hollow shell,
This silent bliss,
This brand new hell,
This open field,
This barren land,
The force that yeilds,
My shaking hand,
This broken heart,
This useless voice,
Was torn apart,
By your own choice,
These wasted calls,
No answer here,
Upon the walls,
My blood shall smear,
I've waited long,
And you're not near,
With each sad song,
I shed new tears,

Of silent sorrow,
Of desperate pain,
Of a hopeless tomorrow,
Of worthless gain,

I've tried so hard,
But you don't listen,
My reach is barred,
While I've been wishin',
Hoping that maybe,
You'd answer your phone,
Slowly and faintly,
You attempt to condone,

But my ears,
Have been shut,
By my tears,
By this rut,
By this hell,
By this love,
By this cell,
From above,

Absent forces hold me,
From reaching out to you,
But you're my one and only,
I could never leave you,

This life,
Such Strife,
Can't bear,
This pain,
Won't hide,

My emotions are flowing,
Into whereabouts unknown,
And while they're all going,
I am completely alone.

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Comments (2)

Just like Lalay, I felt every word too. Lonely here too the love of my life who i want to spend the rest of my life with lives in USA and i am in UK. His name is Derrick Andrews too. I can't wait till Feb 7th when I can hold him in my arms, andd tell him to his face I love him with all my heart. when I travel to USA to be with him. I know it is difficult sometimes, but we need to think positivley and the good things will come, and remember to jump over those hurdles that love puts in our way. Love knows no bounds, stay 100% focused! !
I felt every word. Thanks for sharing.