MC (22nd August 1990 / )


It creeps inside like the darkness And all the light is gone
I have completely forgotten Where I belong
I feel like the moon Which stands alone
Even on a bright starlit night.
The feeling is eating me
I feel completely hollow,
This feeling i know
I will have to swallow.
The feeling so harsh,
Its difficult to bare
Now to face the world
I feel very scared
Why am i the one who is left behind
Why am i the one who needs support to stand
Why am i the one who has no one to wipe tears
Why am i the one who fears fear? ? ?
Why am i the one who is deprived of happiness
Why am i what i am i fail to understand...
The answers to the whys i shall never get
May be its the loneliness that is making me sad.

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the world is waiting to embrace you. just ask n you shall not be lonely ever.......
i really like your poem but i think everyone feels lonley at some point in there life i have more then once but the best thing to do is dust yourself of and get on with it :)