A Woman Beautifies Herself To Make Her Husband Happy!

Normally any woman beautifies
herself to make her husband happy!

For beautifying her,
usually the maid or a close girl friend helps!

Most of the time, the husband goes
out of his place or country by sailing in the sea!

He takes a few months to return,
the wife becomes pale longing for him!

She does not like to beautify herself
thinking always for his safe return!

That is why the wife asks her friend
when she comes to beautify her!

Why do you want to beautify me
with new dress, flowers and perfumes

while my husband is not near me
to enjoy and make me happy?

by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

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nice poetry. your feeling same as mine
Bulls eye with this poem.
This is a brilliant poem. In this age of social media, the first few lines of the second stanza can take on a whole new nuanced meaning.
I think this poem about being loneliness is a nice poem even though people go through this every day of their lives and the poet is saying that being apart and lonely is like rain I think loneliness for some people might think they are standing in the rain without anyone noticing. and how it climbs towards evening from the ocean plains; that reminds me that loneliness builds up after a long time in our lives. It can be a horrible thing to feel if you feel like that all the time it can get to you after a while if you don't handle it at that time.
metaphoric, another way to read 'loneliness' and 'two people who despise eachother'.
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