The Hostile World

The real world
is so boring
and sick
At the end
of the world
the control doesn't
need because the
end is uncontrollable
The end of
the world is
a valid teaching
for the unconsciousness
of men
The end of
the world is
dazzling and chaotic
Nobody is a
hero when the
end of the
world comes
I must find
a reason to
write the world
to my eyes
I'll be there
for you, world,
and I thank
you for loving
In the world
there is so
much cruelty and
desire to appear
I wish so
much that this
world is not
a trap
Unfortunately nowadays it
enhances the beauty
as to be
an essential tool
in everyday life
In today's world
there is so
much suffering and
anxiety because of
a grudge against
the different
The worst enemy
of the modern
era are the
privileges and subterfuge
We are all
hostage of modern
society and the
stupid materialism

by Laura arwen

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