People are irreplaceable,
That's what makes them special.
If all goes well,
You will find someone else
Who is special in their own way.
Otherwise, loneliness destroys you
Day by day.
How do you think the single folks feel?
Those who have never fooled around,
Still waiting for that special person?
Maybe never to find someone
To be thankful for.
The whole package called love
Either works or it's a compromise
Or it's a dragged-out affair.
But never to get started at all
Is quite burdensome.
It's not as great as missing
The one you love, feeling guilty
About seeking someone else...
Being single is being called free...
Who wants to be free
If you're as lonely as hell?
Who wants to be free if suffering
The effects of unrequited love?
Who wants to be free
With money in your pockets but
Nobody to buy birthday presents
And Saint Valentine's Day cards for?
Who wants to spend Christmas Day
Alone at home? And what use is
Celebrating a Happy New Year
If it's another year alone?
The dark Winter days are upon us.
We go out... we return home...
Yet nobody greets us, kisses us,
Makes us a cup of tea...
Nobody inquires how we are doing...
Or asks if anything
Interesting happened today...
Surrounded by people... strangers:
The good, the bad and the ugly...
Yet even beautiful people
Can feel lonely, too...

by Denis Martindale

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