Only the lonely in truth yet to find
Will take up a lover to get peace of mind
The want to be needed, loved and desired
To feel the blood rushing, like a gun thats been fired

To hang in the shadows, on nights clear as day
To beckon a stranger, who's passing your way
Could this be the one? that you've waited for
Then courage deserts you, and you run for the door

Is it better to live all alone with your pain?
Or be like the others a part of the game
What ever your reasons, be they many or few
If you stand in the shadows, then who can see you?

Is it only the lonely, who suffer alone?
No lover to turn their house to a home
Is their some kind of potion? that nobody see's
Loneliness hurts, but its not a disease.

by Graham Jones

Comments (2)

Both are sad. The game creates pain and the lonely tend to have pain. Nicely put. Patricia
Ya Grey you live linger along it's proven hahahaha.....but ya everyone needs a HUG...Hug from dave