Dreadful loneliness
Uprights mind
Painfully indeed.

by sekharan pookkat Click to read full poem

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Loneliness Dreadful loneliness Changes mind With peaceful thoughts. great 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++
It's in our loneliest times that our mind is filled with thoughts, these thoughts then become words on a page. Wonderful poem Sekharan.
Well said, loneliness resulting in a poem, and then it is no more loneliness, but solitude that seems a must for penning poems. When one is alone and still do not feel lonely.
Loneliness is beautiful in a way...fine write...well penned.
Loneliness Threaded loneliness Threats mind And throbs heart. Wonderful lines.
Nice expression with beautiful words.10p
Nice poem sekharan..loneliness is painful indeed
Nice expression, nice writing, nice thought.
There are so much negativity attached with loneliness. It is so when one is lonely 24x7 but when one can manage to get some amount of his own time and space out of his busy schedule or from mental clutter, he will be a winner all the way. There will be creativity. Thanks a lot.
I know when I am alone My thoughts are all mine...another beautiful and dreamy poem dear. Thanks!
Loneliness, gives solace to the parched soul, to self heal and to reassess, reset, and restart, depends on the person, some grumble, brood, some takes its a blessing in disguise, hence it matters...to whom, I love to learn a lot whenever I am alone, it's like penance, to me, thanks for the share
Dreadful loneliness! ! But, there is hope ahead. Thanks for sharing.
Loneliness Threaded loneliness Threats mind And throbs heart...so amazing poem wisely composed and shared definitely. Interesting one....10
Loneliness is an inherent trait of humanity, it is neither good nor bad, it is how you experience and handle it that can affect your state of mind positively or negatively. A lot of my poetry comes from within loneliness and sorrow, it gives great insight into feelings and emotions and can be shared creatively through poetry. When people who are depressed read my book, A Bereaved Poet, they say they cry, feel the sadness intensely, but after reading the book they somehow feel relieved, they find comfort in my poems, it shows them that they are not alone and that someone else feels what they feel. So loneliness can be a spirit booster as well. Thank you for this though provoking poem, Sekharan! Very real human trait! RoseAnn
nice poem...Yes, I agree loneliness is not always such a bad thing, for it is in loneliness that poetic thoughts breed...
Loaded with lonliness. Well put together my friend.
A beautiful write that expresses with great insight into the state of mind that is loneliness!
A sad song too many sing! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing
A lonely heart can find a friend in the state of a white page, where wounded words can refund their outlet, rest. Quite beautiful, this scribe. PEACE
beautifully written...the different phases of loneliness....keep up the nice work...