Better to be alone than in bad company
Said the wise man to me
The sultan of saints broke his silence
When strengthened seven times in speech by O Lord thee
Surrounded by people yet alone I am
Twenty four hours a day
Seven days a week
You can search the seven continents
And the seven seas
You can raise me to the seventh heaven
Or drag me to the lowest deep
There is no cure to this loneliness of mine

© 2015
All Rights Reserved

by Ayman Parray

Comments (8)

The number seven is used quite frequently which must have some significance for you. Very honest write. There's no cure for this loneliness of mine...let it stay if this loneliness can produce such beautiful poetry.
Better to be alone than in bad company Poem with a great message.
Its beautiful and nicely penned.Thanks for share + 10.
Read your poem on 'Loneliness'. Nice poem, though very sad! Dear Ayman, we come into this world alone and we make an exit too alone. But what about the time between birth and death, are you alone? Loneliness is a state of mind. You may sit in a crowd and still feel lonely. But you can choose to be not alone by being one with nature. Flow with nature and you shall never be lonely. Do not forget that an unseen, powerful force is always with you! warm regards :)
Loved your piece. But I think we are never alone. Thinking itself is a human being. All the best :)
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