I don't know whether your muteness
Is just your personality or not.
I always take life as easy as downy flake
In winter morning, sweet yet mute like you.
Your appearance sometimes create commotion
Through my evey vein & spine, though you are silent.
I know not if muteness is another part of loneliness.
If that is so, I wish your mute appearance.
For I know my loneliness is because of your muteness.

by Sudipta Bhattacharyya

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Comments (6)

Lovely lines that are loadedwith lonliness.
The way you express your feeling is actually make the poem more beautiful. Thanks for sharing.10
Mute like you; but, with a vision. Nice work.
I really enjoyed this poem. In just a few words you aptly expressed how this persons silence causes oyou to feel lonely, but yet hopeful
Silence can speak volumes.. yet it can cause feelings of pain and loneliness.. thanks for sharing
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