Like a slow death, loneliness
My soul's cry unanswered

For each woman I see, a silent plea
Longing for fulfillment, love

Yet invisible to all
Empty smiles unknowing of heartache

The inner storm pushing further from shore
Lights dimming as hope cries out one more time

A well of tears deep within
Hidden from view

A passion to love
Without expression

Desire for acceptance
As breath itself

In a sea of people
I slowly drown

Imprisoned in a corner to grow old
With no light, stillness becoming stale and cold

As life goes on, people pass by
A spectacle of failure

Rejected, alone

Lost time becoming lost hope
Unknowing, unfeeling faces scoff in mirth

Heart and soul grieve as time drifts by
Searching for words of love and affection

Who will bring
The answer to loneliness?

by Gregory Donner

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