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Poem By Ivy Christou

It’s been a busy day,
Working, laughing with friends,
Keeping the mind occupied
And the heart satisfied with nonsense.
And you return back to your room,
Once again tired.
You have a bath,
You read a magazine,
You go to bed..
And during the last ten minutes of the day,
Just before you fall asleep,
The mind searches for the best memory
And realises that it’s alone.
Loneliness attacks this time of the day,
When your defence is down,
No more people to satisfy your need for company,
Your smile already rests on the pillow.
And it’s at this time of the day
That you realise that you’ll never be complete
Unless you find someone to care
And tears return from last night’s hang over
And you end up staying awake even longer
Thinking about love
as if Cupid will remember you any day now.
You prolong your suffering until you fall asleep,
crying for love,
searching for the strength to go on,
wishing that your soul mate is out there
waiting for you..

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Comments (2)

You're telling my story way too well! !
i can relate to this, especially at quarter to three in the morning