MDH (1991-? ? ? / illinois)


This loneliness
I feel inside
It makes me think
Of suicide

I’m all alone
No one but me
Is this the way
It’s meant to be?

If I die tonight
Who would care?
Would anyone notice
That I’m not there?

I feel I’m rejected
I do not know why
I wish I was wanted
So I don’t have to cry

I must be cursed
To live this way
With all this pain
I have each day

I write this poem
So all you know
That I’m a person
I’ve got a soul

How would you
like to be alone
no one to talk to
in the unknown

help me please I’m
reaching out
the only way
that I know how

I need a friend
Some one who cares
i am so lonely
it isn’t fair

if it's to much to want
than i'm just going to die
nothings worth this pain I feel
time for suicide……..

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Though it doesn't help much, rest assured that loneliness and grief are a part of being alive. I've certainly had days when I felt just the way your poem so vividly expresses. We all deal with these things in our own way, but I have learned two things: 1. Everything changes. Tomorrow things will get better. 2. My loneliness and sadness assures me that I am a person who can feel things deeply, both good and bad things. Merely platitudes? Maybe, but platitudes have their worth too. A wonderful poem came from your emotions.
great writing, and I know how that feels. gave it a ten.