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Loneliness Is A Refuge
(04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

Loneliness Is A Refuge

Poem By Robert Rorabeck

Loneliness is a refuge
For the frightened soul
Already half devoured
By the burdens and the tolls
Of the emperical
Bought and sold,
Butchered and looking good
In the name-brand clothes
On display
In the middle-class windows.
Further afield
Through the hypnotic shoals,
Like a feral child
Unafiliated and unafraid
As the thunder snarls,
The light unfurls,
And the waves explode
Like fearless soldiers,
Inebriated and uneducated
Revolting in the shallows;
Looking on,
Loneliness is a refuge
For the frightened soul.

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