AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Loneliness Part 1

Loneliness Part 1
No one looked at me, into my eyes, to see me
It hurts to smile for no reason
From behind most people look the same
With hidden shame I keep my sanity
No one looked at me, into my eyes, to see me
They race past me
With less credulous glances
Self mockery evidently lacks imagery
No one bothers to listen to the weeping eyes
They whimper to the howling wind
No words of sorrow are spoken
One could die of isolationism by surprise
No one reached out to help me, not a hand
By-passed like something to remember
But forgotten
Erased by the wind like shifting sand
No one stops to examine the damage
I’m only a consequence without a cause
A statistic subtracted from most hearts
Without a pause
Someone forgot to fill the emptiness
The daylight grows dimmer
Tomorrow fades as black light swallows my shadows
As I grow thinner
No one sees me, just looks through me
Not wanting to see reflections of themselves
With open eyes and closed minds
Life has no plot; the climax rests on cobweb shelves
No one misses me, senses me
I get lost in the masses of concrete
Beyond prediction, as in science fiction
The story never really ends complete

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