Lonely Affection

Two empty hands sit silent with no company
As they would when a heart has no one to love
To hold the one dear to you in front of thy
Addiction is also affection no more there is no drug
Affection cuddles the heart with warmth & care
Tear filled eyes that have no sparkle or flare
Only because loneliness has become despair
So the heart loses warmth as do the hands
The mind wanders towards depression
Because Love no longer understands
So sadness turns to anger and aggression
Hating the future, hating this change, no longer want a past
So life fills empty, alone, & abandoned...as does the heart
And compassion is gone and will no longer last
Forever is no more has ended before there could be a start
So now...opportunity has no door
And Love in an abandoned heart is No More

by James Ford Jr

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