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Lonely Dreams,

Lonely Dreams,
Lonely Dreams,
There is nothing that is to be changed,
Coming all the way,
Lonely Dream,
Lonely Days,
Come and see this soul all Dedicated unto thee,
You will be mine,
All mine for keep’s,
Think that the Race is all never ending,
My stories ever percolating,
Lonely Dreams,
Come and make this Beauty Achieved,
The Race is on the Lonely ground,
No crew to keep my throne,
I keep calling that you ever balling,
Remain with the lonely dream that the soul is on the ground’s,
The parlay,
The game that is on the Increase,
Think that the greater that style,
The Beauty of that Lonely Dream,
Come and Understand the Clear Picture all Between us,
That you will never Tear me Apart,
Call on me,
Realize that you alone is the man,
Operate all Clearly and see that this love is not yet through.

by maxpoet beauty

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