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Lonely Girl (Part 2)

Lonely girl, visit me on housetops
That weep overlooking the flowerless city;
All the roses reside in your vulnerable eyes
Where I fall asleep for fragile centuries.

There’s a sunlight glint
On dining-room wine bottles;
Even when my love feels
Exhausted and half-spent,
I have another glass to pour for you.

Always refuse to be carried
By the melancholy breeze that whistles
Through the cemetery trees
Sympathetic symphony of tears
And brings you to eternal homes.

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Comments (4)

May your poetry survive for many fragile centuries. Lovely work, Uriah. Always your friend, Sandra
my goodness, I'm completely floored by this one...man, I gotta keep up with your work more! Excellent writing my dear Uriah!
Really love this poem. Agree with the previous comment about the last verse but the other two are great, especially first stanza which is nothing short of beautiful.
I loved this poem Uriah, especially the first two stanza's I loved the third but am not sure of the final two lines....I didn't like And or homes, they seems to stifle the wonderfully comforting flow of your Alone Girl poem. How about brings you home to me, eternally.? You know I am a rhymer! Smiling at you, Tai