Lonely Heart💔

I know not why am thus
and why am so
a lonely heart
an island afar
a place where non ever called home
still and silent as streams undisturbed

will my door ever be knocked
for i seem to expect a visitor that never comes
i try as much to adorn this word
but no eye seems to ever notice
not even a single heart beats
is this my destiny or perhaps my fate
to always dream and burn with desire

to give me hope they say
all good to those who wait
but i've been waiting all my life
some say, father's time is the best
but little do they know
time ages me daily
it's not that am an atheist no
but this just one of those moments
when you take a pause and examine your life
and i have found an empty hole
one that really needs immediate filling

around me is love
all are two some
but every day i just dream
(is this my destiny or perhaps my fate)
when ever the skies darken
my eyes search the universe
trying to wish upon a shooting star
hoping that might work
but the blue seems to be holding them tight
i can not use method two
for i need love that is true
fair and unconditional

but will things ever change
because this night just seems to last forever
will i ever find someone that i can call my own
will I ever feel the embrace of the arms that i dream of

to give me hope they say
there is someone for everyone
well, if that's a fact
will you please tell me why
am a lonely heart.

by Patrick Banda

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A poignat write about love. A nice piece that expresses in detail the loneliness of the heart.