Lonely Old Man

Lonely Old Man

There is a wrinkled old man who now searches the streets,
he's sad and lonely whilst taking love from those he meets.
This is a sad man who could have had everything - all.
There was a time when he could have walked very tall.

A beautiful wife, healthy children and a home had he,
but he wanted to be a part of every other family tree -
he needed to have too many others to love him
while he followed his every fantasy, and whim.

A suave, glamour man is what he so badly wanted to be,
surrounded by fans, many more than his waiting family.
The world's greatest lover was his priority, his main aim,
but little did he know that in that department he was lame.

For him to be second would have been bad - a grevious sin.
He doesn't realize that true love always comes from within.
Of countless number of tearful and heartbreaking years,
his real lady did shed buckets and buckets of wasted tears.

Thank God that those tears have long gone, - cried away,
and it doesn't hurt anymore – the lies he would again say.
We could never again trust this man,
but of God, we know that we forever can.

I do hope his beautiful children never see him as now do I -
as they love him, and that would render them to sob and cry.
All of her love she'd given him, but he simply didn't recognize
that there was never a glimpse of a complete love in his eyes.

It does leave much hope to give others strength
to handle their hurts at any measure of length.
Thru God alone his sad hurdle, yours or mine,
will be solved by only Him, the Lord divine.

Of this lonely man and others who are as the same,
I am sad that they are forever fighting a losing game.
If only I could relate to show them the better way,
but they must see themselves, is what all do say.

This lonely man still wanders the streets
He can't give love to few he now meets.
Of love he sees as a physical thing
without a thought of what is within.

I am very sorry for you, little old man -
of love you should not put in a dust pan.
I pray that for your sake
that you do take a break.

Do look for a pure and real love,
as is surely does shine from above,
for if and when the day does fall
you'll give true love to one and all.

Within true love you will find true peace
and then finally your heart's pain will cease.
Go forth old man and open your tired and weary eyes,
and be you, to never again live a shallow life in disguise.

Colleen Wright. T.G © 20.08.2006

by Colleen Wright

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