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Lonely People
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Lonely People

Poem By Ivy Christou

She is walking alone,
In the middle of the street,
Talking to herself,
Everyone thinks she is crazy
And they avoid her.
But she is just speaking to
The Voices in her head,
After all she has no one but Them.
She has been lonely for so long,
The Voices are her only company
And They want to take Them away
And let her alone again.
She is willing to sacrifice Them
For some compassion and understanding,
And if someone offers,
With some true friendship.
But no one offers,
All they want to prove is that she is insane
In this insane world.
Well, maybe they are right
But at least now,
When she cries at nights,
The Voices are there to comfort her..

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Comments (1)

Wonderful insight. Crazy people are often more honest then 'sane' people know how to be...bravo.