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Lonely Poetry

I’m not weeping beside lilac trees
Because of my affection for the divine aroma
Of the majestic spring,
But because of the tall goddess I fear
I never again will see.

She moves through my bittersweet memories
Which tenaciously cling
To her brown shoulder-length tresses,
Her happily excited laughter,
Her intelligent conversations,
Her pensive eyes concealing a sadness
That was never revealed to me.

Why should a man be haunted
By a beauty that was never his?
Why was my soul made so appropriately
For such lonely poetry?

The days are long and tears fall like rain
When I’m all alone at sunset.

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Comments (2)

The lonely lilac leave there fragrance to linger... A most moving poem. You speak directly to this poet's heat
Uriah - this is both sad and beautifully written. I think we all fit into that category at some point in our lives - made to write lonely poems. Been there myself quite a few times! Linda