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Lonely Puppet

Lonely Puppet

Poem By Davina Vanessa Rivas

My life is like a two foot puppet
Hanging on a wooden shelf
Waiting to be bought
To be taken to an awesome place

I can call a wonderful home
And beloved by someone dearly
To be in someone’s arms everyday
But, no, those are only my hopeless dreams

Now I wait alone
On an empty wooden shelf
In a store with little heart
And very little care for me

The sadness is too much to bare
‘Cause I know that no one cares
Seeing my brothers and sisters
Out in the sunlight being loved

To have a person to love them
As for me, I have no one
Knowing I am complete
Yet I feel so deleted

Staring out a clear, squared window
All I see is the happiness of children
Seeing my mother and father
Playing in the rose garden

As I lay here
Behind close wooden black doors
All I do is cry on a cold, hard, stone concrete
Curled up into a ball

Staring at the nothing but the grey walls
Crying and crying all day long
Singing nothing but a sad song
Days come and go

As my creator makes more wooden puppets
Now a lot of two foot wooden puppets surround me
I can no longer see the grey walls
All I see is nothing but darkness

I no longer see the sunlight
That showed through clear glass windows
I try my best to fight
But it is no use

People come in and out
As so do many of the new wooden puppets
When it comes to me
A child brings me to the sunlight

A big smile shows on my wooden face
Until the child throws me to the cold, hard ground
For she found a better one then me
The big smile I once had turned to a frown

The store closes once again
As I still lay on the cold, hard, concrete
Light go out in the place
And I start to cry

For I know this is
My sad lonesome life

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