Lonely Streets

I walk the lonely streets at night.
I am very much aware,
That danger is all around me.
But I don't even care.
For I am very much alone.
And life is hard to live.
What makes it even worse,
I have a lot to give.
But no one needs a lonely soul,
And so they look away.
I have no one to talk to,
No one to smile and say,
Hello to you, I hope you're well.
And it's a lovely day.
I have no home to go to.
No fire to sit beside.
No bed for me to sleep in.
No car to take a ride.
I yearn to have a someone,
That I could call my own.
I wish I had some supper,
But I don't even have a bone.
But I survive, I know not why.
Why am I alive?
But heaven waits for me some day,
And for that alone I strive.

by Clifford Palmer King

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