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The Waterfall

I traveled through the green forest
With the wind whispering to me.
Wild blossoms exploded,
Making the bushes overloaded.
I walked on and on,
To reach my final destination.
A zephyr came to me
Carrying the scent of that elixir.
At last!
The great fall penetrating
Into the green green pool below.
Diving, I explore its depths
A magical world of such serenity.
Great castles and turrets of pebbles,
Where the trout kings rule.
The cool water rush inside me
Ascending me to a heaven.
I emerge from the water,
And the cool air flows in
Making my lungs smile.
The water is dark now
As dusk creeps in.
I should go now
But I will return to this heaven
For it has captured my heart.

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