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Lonely, Tired, Depressed
(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Lonely, Tired, Depressed

Poem By Franklin J. Warren

Grown old, grown tired, and depressed,
Also lonely as I have confessed,
This happens day in and day out,
Seems all my life is about.

If not for my lovely music and email,
And friends and family that do not fail,
To pull me from these depths so dark,
On each day it would be hard to embark!

The daily obscenities I see on TV,
Is enough to sicken me,
The slanting of the news,
The truth it does abuse!

Intellect there should abound,
Yet stupidity and ignorance is found,
The best communication tool yet devised,
But mostly content for fools I have surmised!

The world is in such a chaotic state,
Self centered, each worrying about his fate,
Never considering the world could cease to exist,
From an asteroid out of the galactic mist.

Most of the leaders in this world seem inept to me,
Using emotion instead of intellect is stupidity,
Belief system hate and discontent now in the fore,
Belies intellect anymore!

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