Lonely Vigil In Desert Storm

I'm a lonely soldier, in a foreign land.
I wish I was holding my sweethearts hand,
But I'm holding a gun, to kill or be killed,
As the enemy is dug in beyond the hill.

My thoughts of home, whirl around in my head,
I'm on duty when I should be in bed.
The roar of the jets, make the desert shake,
I need sleep, but I'm wide awake.

The safety of the regiment depends on me,
But the blowing sand, makes it hard to see.
Being a prisoner of war is hell they say,
And a cease fire is expected any day.

When I get home, to my family and friends,
I will never come back this way again.
The smoke is so thick, you never see the sun,
The environment will be polluted for years to come.

Oil burning and flowing like flood,
Forgotten is the price of human blood.
God works His mysterious ways,
He has the power to amend man's ways.

by Masie Jackson

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