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Lonely Winter
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)

Lonely Winter

Poem By Danny Speicher

Lonely is my heart
Empty is my hope
It seems each turn is blocked
Trapped by emotions I can't cope
Every time the winter wind blows
And trees sway in silhouette form
I feel my heart freezing inside
With no love to keep it warm
When grey clouds sweep the sky
And the cold raindrops turn to snow
It makes me wonder why I've left
And where my heart is leading me to go
Sometimes I can hear whispers in the wind
Speaking of love and hope to live on
But, there is no one there when I turn
I am nothing but fate's last white pawn
The birds of the air laugh in mockery
At my life's impending doom
So, I silently stare at the lonely clouds
And await my future tomb

((November 15th,2000))

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