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Lonely World, Silent Cry

I want you.
But I do not know who you are.
Where are you?

My love,
my future life.

Who are you?
I can not find you.

So many people could have been you,
but no.
My heart goes cold.
Every minute is an hour.
Every hour is a day.

Am I going to die,

Alone with my own thoughts,
thoughts of me being alone.
Alone, means without you.
You, means my love of my life.
My soulmate, the one I share this crazy experience with.

The experience - life.
Life, so empty without you.

So many empty thoughts.
I feel so alone,
so worthless.

You are the only one I think of.
You, the stranger.
The stranger that nearly controles my life - everything.

I just hope, some day, we'll find each other.

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