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JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


I am a loner:
Different from everyone,
They shun me.
I shun them, too.
Few are the people who really know me.
I am closed, mysterious,
An enigma to the truly curious.
I open myself only to those
For whom I really care.
I open myself only to those
Who have earned my respect an my love.
I trust no one
But the rare,
Those people may or may not be lucky.
-You judge.
They are those to whom I reveal my heart.
To whom I turn
When the world abandons me.
(The world has abandoned me.)

I am a loner-
But loneliness is wearying.
I long for true, deep friendship,
The kind I know all true loners need.
I search, then, for a fellow loner,
Proud to be so,
And yet longing for a friendship-
Oh, the value of a single friendship,
Which stands the test of time!

I am a loner.
You, too?
I need a loner to be my friend.
Would you?

(dedicated to all true loners.)

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So cool! Love it! : o)