I'm struggling trying to think of some words to say,
A problem that comes to mind day by day,
I'm thinking, 'when will my time come? '
Maybe after or before some of the best ones,
Like a memory I start to remember the lines,
Like a criminal I start to commit some crimes,
Such a thought leads to misery,
Being alone is just killing me,
It eats at me from the inside out,
Why do I live a life that seems of immortality?
My time will have to be cut short,
I have no hope or faith I see,
Mistakes I made so stupidly,
Just coming back and attacking me,
I tried to run but could not hide,
I tried to fight but lost my pride,
How can i live a lonesome life?
Just slash my wrists,
I'll get the knife.

by Yolaine Viera

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