Lonesome Lady

You find the lonesome lady always hanging around.
On the surface she seems liked where-ever she is found.
Fellows treat her after midnight just as if she is a clown.
It is obvious to a sensible person where she id bound.

At four in the morning she is still on the square.
All night she stays out and doesn't seem to care,
She is so lonesome for attention that she can't understand
These fellows are not serious and will abuse as they can.

The lonesome lady is in fact not a lady at all
She displays a low moral character while the guys have a ball.
She is pitiful alright although she doesn't know it.
There are opportunities out there but for sure she will blow it.

We pity that lonesome lady who is up all night
No man in her company will really treat her right
Guys make her feel accepted but fooling her say
She gets what she deserves and it's her fault anyway.

So lonesome lady take some advice
Keep yourself clear of the streets at night.
For those who keep respectable hours, that's right
Are the ones who find responsible husbands who will treat them right.

by Reverend Dr. Elbert P. Green

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