Applying Faith…

Her heart beats pitter pat; pitter pat
thump, thump; thump, thump…
Knocking in a chest crammed full, with dread
Against thin walls, which fortified, are struggling
Careworn and besieged, and overstressed
By tragedy

Ricocheting echo pounding in her mind
Bloody, surging, rushing to be heard
Disbelief becoming numb, listless, and withdrawn
Yet fighting for the urgency of time
To be attended

Questions and fatigue at war within her soul
Dying every time she stops to think
Life seems an avalanche of pain and worried soil
Burying all hope beneath her grief
Yet tears can’t fall

Beleaguered and beset, unable to find breath
She’s drowning in the roiling, slumping sleet
Knowing that the only chance to scale the fiery path
Is to give up, admitting her defeat
Into God’s hands

by Betty Jo Hilger

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Hesse is known more for his literature than his poetry. But when he wrote poetry, he was just as passionate. Excellent poem!
Stars are grounded everyday and we all know the stories of birth and death of stars. Scientists like Dr. Chandrasekhar.Carl Sagan have also delved into these arena. But the little stars about whom the poet has intrigued into are really super stars aspiring everyday and night to touch the height of the sky. Thank you Poet
Einsame Nacht   Die ihr meine Brüder seid, Arme Menschen nah und ferne, Die ihr im Bezirk der Sterne Tröstung träumet eurem Leid, Die ihr wortelos gefaltet In die blaß gestirnte Nacht Schmale Dulderhände haltet, Die ihr leidet, die ihr wacht, Arme, irrende Gemeinde, Schiffer ohne Stern und Glück - Fremde, dennoch mir Vereinte, Gebt mir meinen Gruß zurück.   Hermann Hesse,1902
Beautiful poem. Yes. we share a single face
Unique imagery, profound and inspiring poem. A poet inks their very words to let pain roll down to be relieved and get healed. A well penned poem. Congratulation.
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