AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Lonesome Roads

We all go down, a lonesome road,
at some point, in our life! I guess
that's the way it goes, but just the
same, it cuts like a knife! These
are the times, when we also need,
a helping hand, someone to guide
us and show, they understand!
When you're lucky to have a person
who cares about you, in your corner,
a big difference, it's going to make.
They're there to guide you, so there
won't be, another mistake! Everybody,
at some time or another in their life,
benefits from some form of advice, if
taken how it's meant and put into
practice when it's given. You know
things weren't right before, so now it's
time, to do some thinking and sometimes,
ask to be forgiven! It's not a crime, to make
a turn about and change your ways, as
that's common sense and the right thing
to do. So if you have someone, in your
corner, listen to their own experience and
wisdom, as they're showing, they honestly
believe, in you!

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