Long A Time Together

The fall was fun
They were very close
They felt like they won
Their friendship was the most

Time went by
They grew nearer
He was the perfect guy
Their hearts grew dearer

Until a problem struck
And all love failed
It was not a dose of luck
Away their hearts trailed

Winter came, they had not talked
Both upset, both scared
Away they walked
Their hearts in a tear

She tried to cover the pain
Both having heartbreaks
Learning is what they gained
From all they’re terrible mistakes

In Spring both over it
However, still remembered thoughts
Even though they are split
Memories (good and bad) is what is brought

They never saw each other again
But, it will be in their minds forever
But that was when…..
They were together

by Ashley Ayers

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well writen poem. you always keep memory for along time.