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Long Before The Re-Writes Made By 'Historians'
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Long Before The Re-Writes Made By 'Historians'

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Who really wants to be 'another'
Of what had already existed?
And what motivation is there...
For someone to make attempts,
To shadow footsteps...
Without that drive to individualize,
One's own innovation meant.

Is that why so many find it easy to follow,
And complain?
Yet strain their brains to redo in research.
Than it is to pave a path that one can claim.
To make it easier to lay the blame,
If what is done doesn't achieve the same result.
And a thief only can steal.
Not create.

A mess...
And that produces long lasting effects.

And the reason why those who pioneer are first jeered.
But later cheered by those who reap the benefits,
From the ones who do not profit at all.
Or are even mentioned for their initial efforts!

Others wish to hold their egos high.
And build their discoveries,
Based on 'myths' and prefabricated lies!

Much like what has been done to the Eygptians?
Who have been literally dismissed and 'gyped'!
And not given full credit,
For their mind numbing inventions.
Occurring many thousands of years...
In advanced civilizations.
Long before the re-writes made by 'historians'
Mysteriously appeared,
From freshly dusted archives.
Inside age treated tombs!

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