Long Black Train (Pain)

I was riding on that long black train for so long
It felt so good but it just cost me more pain
The ride lasted for a long time
That long black train was headed my way
Didn't think I had a choice and I jumped on
The ride wasn't worth the pain but at the time it kept calling my name
I was lost and confused
Needed a way out of the pain
Thought that long black train was the my way out
Got caught up in the pain and didn't think life was worth it anymore
I kept lying to myself and others around me
Didn't think God cared
When all I had to do was jump off the long black train
And look above for answers but finally I woke up to realize
The train isn't worth the pain
When God is the only answer
Now I stop and thank God that I'm still here and that I'm not on that long black train

July 27,2008
not good but its a sequel to Josh Turner's Long Black Train song


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GOD always cares about you... he is always there... Becca