Long Gone

Long gone

Bitter sweet memories of once called life.
The foliage of all umbrella shaped trees,
Oh! I loved the rain,
The howling of the wind in storms.
The rich aroma if dust with first rain drops to dust.
It seemed like some audible delicacy.
After the torrents, water flowed to the unknown.
Then came a calm one lives to dream about.
Step by step it's how things go.

The stillness of the day in sunset.
It felt good to watch the dying sun thriving in the crimson sky.
Oh! I remember the beauty of the sun's last thin sliver sinking in the horizon.

Night comes with its dusk.
We played harps the ancient ways.
Lullabies were our kind of songs.
Musical and chained to sound of the night.
All faded to the slumber of nature.
Dawn alarmed for a new day.
New sounds nourished the ears.
It's day break, life awakes.
Birds are chirping and looking forward to a bright morning.
The sun is rising in its dazzling beauty,
Watch it reflects crisp glitters of dew on grass.
Up, everyone wakes to their chores,
Life was moving ahead.
I used to admire all that.
But things have changed now.

Gone is the beauty she possessed.
Imagine the ecstasy of blood moving up and down my spine.
The blithesome feeling ever had under the azure.
And all spasms of exultation ever possessed around me and my sleeps,
All gone with the life I chose,
That of exploring themodernworld.
It is beyond my grasp now.
The wind has blown awaymy pleasureto a faraway place.

A place where freedom has become a dirge.
A song of sorrow promoting tears and sweat.
I am now toiling for things which are hard to get.
Working daily like there is no tomorrow.
I have companions around me but we all have lost grace to shame.
Fate has dragged us all to this unwinnable game.
A game that reeks agony and bondage.
We are tired of shame and gloom
Everything we once owned is long gone.

by Alison Mujati

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A very good poem thanks for sharing