Long Live The Builders!

Precious are all conscientious parents
Raising their offspring in moral integrity;
Their cocooned homes are oxygen tents
Where they nurture the cream of society.

Priceless are teachers, ballsy and tireless,
Grooming countless students and learners;
Their impact on younger minds is boundless,
They are the true carvers of future leaders.

Indispensable are resolute peace-lovers,
Who think laws should foster humanity;
A country built on high values as pillars,
Will thrive on efficiency and generosity.

Praiseworthy are well-meaning scholars,
Who provide sound answers to our quests;
We need them as bounteous torchbearers,
In an African context of chaos and mess.

Invaluable are security men and agencies
Mobilized to eradicate rampant criminality;
Undaunted by daily appalling eccentricities,
They inspire hope in the midst of insecurity.

Invaluable are lofty and visionary leaders,
Ever committed to uplifting their nation;
For their feisty actions as policy-makers,
Forever they will be objects of veneration.
Unspeakable are destroyers, avid and keen,
Wrecking lives and bridges they should defend;
They cause untold damage, seen and unseen,
Which posterity will find very tough to mend

by Francois GUIMATSIA

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