Long, Long Ago.

Once upon a time long, long ago,
When life’s pace went ever so slow.
People had time to see life’s run,
No rush or hurry to get things done.
Life went by at a steady pace,
Neighbours looked each other in the face.
A helping hand here and there,
Hardships causing people to share,
Village life was lived at ease,
A time when life did please,
Now the rush and bustle to get things done,
Has taken away life’s very fun.
No time to look at Natures beauty,
People fall back ward to do their duty.
Take me back to long ago,
That I too may live my life so slow,
See the beauty that is all around,
In the Heavens and on the ground.

by Bernard Shaw

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this is so true your poem speaks volumes why doe's everything in life seem to be a race...to get things done? i like your poem well done...sarah