The Proposal

The snow, so peaceful and serene
Caressed by soft moon light
Gave magical feels to the night
The soft blue glow
The lovers words that then flow
The lips closer and closer
Until locked in the throes of a passionate embrace
He desired to express his feelings
To keep her safe
He whispered soft
His words like music to her ears
“I love you”
And her respond the same
Hear like the gentle breeze
“And I, love you, forever”
That was the night they promise each other
To be together
Through very thing each to care for the other
Until old and gray
A lover’s pact
The most likely to last

by duke perry abrokwa

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Wow. Was really amazed when reading this particular poem. I have spent many hours contemplating over this same issue. Thoughts so eerily similar! Feel the must need to add to my favorites list just for this reason!